coMra Laser Therapy to Treat Many Conditions

A new approach to treating many chronic and acute conditions that addresses the underlying cause by regenerating tissue, reducing inflammation, and balancing the energy requirements of the body’s systems. Discover greater self-reliance through coMra therapy as part of a holistically healthy lifestyle. Ideal for safe and easy at-home treatment, coMra works by strengthening the body’s own defences and regenerative abilities. We know that the NHS in the UK and health care institutions in many parts of Europe are under pressure*, and this is changing the way many people view and look to take responsibility for their health. People are looking for a new balance between preventative medicine, home-based health practices and traditional health
care. coMra can be an important tool in this process. Take a moment to read this article and open the door to health self-sufficiency.

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If you are interested in learning more about how coMra can be used to treat pain, we have a separate e-book download.

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  • Guide to coMra Therapy
  • coMra Universal Treatments

We’re actually talking about more than just laser therapy, and are presenting the combined radiances of laser, coloured light, magnetism and ultrasound to treat your condition. This we have called coMra, and this approach addresses the underlying issues that are causing the condition rather than simply trying to treat the symptoms. It provides support for the body’s systems as a whole instead of focussing on the specific problem in isolation. It regenerates damaged tissue, reduces inflammation and provides energetic support to cells and organs.

coMra therapy has been helping thousands of people around the world for many years, to take control of their health and provide holistic support to their individual challenges.

By downloading these resources, you will learn:

Guide to coMra Therapy

  • How it works
  • What conditions you can treat
  • Tips on how to use the device
  • How to approach your healing regime
  • How the various frequencies work
  • Guidelines for pain treatment
  • Introduction to Universal Treatments
  • How to support general well-being and preventative medicine

coMra Universal Treatments

  • Achieving overall systemic health
  • Introduction to the 8 Universal Treatments
  • Support for treating chronic diseases
    • Head: Migraines, fainting, senile dementia, atherosclerosis, intracranial pressure
    • Heart: Weak heart, insufficient coronary blood flow, low immunity, cholesterol
    • Blood: General well-being, blood conditions
    • Somatic Biostimulation 1: General Well-being
    • Somatic Biostimulation 2: Emotional exhaustion, depression, insomnia, lethargy, stress
    • Vitality: Physical exhaustion, recuperation, recovery from surgery, general well-being
    • Nervous System: Emotional exhaustion, stress, nervous disorders, neurological disorders
    • Complete Organ Treatment: Comprehensive cleanse and regeneration program.

* Results may vary from person to person.

Denise, Canada
“I used the Delta and now have JOY and RELIEF! No more pain or soreness.”
York, United Kingdom
“Since completing my first course for diabetes with coMra, the improvement has been quite stunning.”
South Africa
“After less than 2 weeks he reported that not only had his depression disappeared, but his urinary problems had also vanished.”
Angie, South Africa
“I have been managing the systems of stage 3 Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and the coMra Palm has made a radically noticeable difference in being able, not only to control pain and inflammation but to reduce the amount of flares that I am experiencing.”

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