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In 1995 a group of like-minded individuals began coming together to find ways to help people to help themselves.

Consequently, in July 2009 they founded Radiant Life Technologies (RLT), which is now a growing international business. Their approach has been to pool their financial, entrepreneurial and technical resources to promote the empowerment of the individual through the medium of holistic self-sufficiency.

“The vision of our group is to pioneer technology that will benefit men and women in claiming their power by becoming ever more holistic in the development of sustainable self-sufficiency.” – Théun Mares, founder of RLT

The dividends earned by RLT are reinvested in ongoing research work to develop further cutting-edge technologies. 

The first of these 21st-century technologies from RLT is coMra therapy, a breakthrough in medical science allowing and women to obtain agency over their health, wellbeing, and happiness.

coMra Helps Relieve Knee Pain

About coMra

coMra therapy helps energise, repair and restore damaged or diseased cells within the body, enhancing recovery time by stimulating the body’s natural healing response.

With thousands of years of evolution, humans have developed the ability to fight disease and infection. However, when the body’s natural healing energy is depleted due to illness, ageing, or stress, coMra can assist and enhance nature’s process.

Whenever and wherever you need it, coMra can be used as a stand-alone or complementary medicine. coMra therapy is completely safe to use and does not interfere with any medications or treatments you are taking, and despite the low levels of radiance used, the combined effects can be profound.

You don’t need to be a medical expert to use coMra, it’s designed for home use. It is important to understand that despite our detailed user guide, what you are actually doing is adding specific energy into your body wherever it is needed – surface, subcutaneous, deep. It’s that simple, your body takes care of the rest!

With coMra, you can enjoy a variety of treatments at your convenience. It is important to read the instruction manual thoroughly before using coMra, and we offer a variety of support options to meet the needs of our users.

coMra Therapy Expanding into European Markets

We are part of the coMra organisation headquartered in The Netherlands, with an overall reach and sales coverage that extends throughout the European continent.

CoMra devices use radiances for healing purposes, and although sound, light, and electrical wave technology are new in the West, they have been used for healing in Eurasia since the 1970s.

Using coMra therapy allows people to heal and treat a range of ailments in the privacy of their own homes and avoid unnecessary visits to therapists, doctors and emergency rooms, taking responsibility for themselves and freeing up healthcare resources for those most in need.

The coMra philosophy is that we are not against anything, we merely support good health and vitality. Neither do we position coMra as an alternative to medical procedures or pharmaceutical medicines. When in doubt, we always recommend that people discuss their health matters with experienced and qualified medical professionals.

Has there ever been a better time for people to have access to a healing modality that supports their body’s natural immune system in repair, restoration and to help combat disease? As a result of the covid pandemic and the additional stress this has caused, many healthcare services are less efficient than they used to be. Getting an appointment with a doctor can be difficult, and hospital referrals can take many months. Many people will find it reassuring and practical to have an at-home remedy they can rely on.

From our Co-CEO, Elizabeth Schnugh CA(SA)

From RLT’s Co-CEO, Elizabeth Schnugh CA(SA)

We live in possibly the most exciting times ever in the history of humanity. We have so many opportunities for all sorts of marvellous adventures, arising from a great many challenges facing us.

The world situation today is such that it calls for pioneers, adventurers and go-getters. In fact, if you have ever dreamed about being a hero or a heroine, now is the time to fulfil that dream, for the world is in need of heroes and heroines, and humanity is in desperate need of men and women who are prepared to step out of the circle in showing the way forward.

I believe in a holistic approach to our health and every aspect of our lives, and this involves looking beyond the symptoms and finding the cause. So much unhappiness and lack of fulfilment in our lives is caused by imbalances in our primary relationships: with our families, at work, and at leisure, and also in other vital relationships, such as discovering our purpose in life, as well as how we relate to our bodies and our food. Success and happiness in all these areas depend on our ability to handle relationships constructively.

I therefore divide my time as course director and founder of the Institute for the Study of Man (ISM). The ISM courses are designed to look at all our relationships in a new light and provide the practical tools to handle any type of relationship.

In keeping with our vision of holistic self-sufficiency, all at RLT subscribe to and recommend the Relationships Courses offered at ISM. The ISM courses offered by me were devised under the auspices of Théun Mares.

Onnik Merdinyan

From RLT’s Co-CEO, Onnik Merdinyan

I enjoy exploring, experimenting and discovering. This led me to the discovery that life is a system of relationships that is completely interdependent, interactive and interconnected. I feel privileged to travel with my friends together on this rich and extravagant life journey!

Vision: to encourage people to help themselves and to tread lightly.

Podcast interview: Onnik shares about coMra and the Five Principles of Life.

Adam Hazelwood

From Adam Hazelwood (Independent Regional Sales Representative)

I came across coMra, and did my research, and was impressed by the extent of conditions and injuries that it was able to treat. Both low level lasers and devices incorporating multiple radiances had their roots in Russian and eastern European research and experience dating back to the 1970s. By the 1990s these technologies had become incorporated into the State Hospital system, where they were recognised and used alongside conventional medicine. To this day, coMra therapy is used throughout the world, in doctor’s rooms and clinics, such as children’s rehabilitation centres in the Ukraine.

My involvement in the coMra business came as a result of being a customer. In 2019 I purchased a coMra Palm to help me overcome ongoing sports injuries including tendon and muscle strains. I liked the idea that I could treat myself and reduce the amount of money spent on physiotherapy.

I used coMra therapy to overcome pain and speed up healing for a few years and liked the fact that I could treat myself anywhere at any time. It was when I started to research the benefits of coMra’s universal treatments that the penny dropped for me on how powerful a tool it can be to support my overall physical and mental health. I then started to use coMra for prevention and wellbeing in addition to treating injuries.

As a result of becoming a customer, I developed a relationship with the team behind coMra and asked whether I could market it more widely in Europe. When the answer came back – yes – I jumped at the chance to do so.

As part of my journey, I researched deeply and I was inspired to investigate this ground-breaking method of healing technology. Besides treating myself and my family, I have also had great results treating family pets. I often respond to people who question the cost of a coMra device by telling them how many veterinarian visits, pain and antibiotic prescriptions, not to mention animal stress, have been prevented by treating minor cuts, sores and skin irritations first with coMra. I am highly impressed by the quality of healthcare experts who include coMra in their practices, for example, Dr Bernard Brom who visited Russia in the 1980s, and saw laser therapy being used across the whole range of departments in hospitals from cardiovascular, to pulmonology; “When I was in Russia they took me to a local cardiology department where the professor had been using LLL for many years in his department. He showed me some reversal of coronary artery narrowing. In Russia many departments throughout the hospital were using and experimenting with LLL. What the Russians have shown and this is also my personal experience is that despite its low power there is either much deeper penetration than scientists would expect or the effects of the laser are primary via the energy shifting that happens and less to do with direct effects on physiology.”

The concept behind coMra was to help people help themselves, and I like to think that if I could assist people in doing that, I may be able to leave a better world behind.

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