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coMra successfully combines the strengths of four separate healing modalities:

Low-level (or cold) laser technology
Different wavelengths of colour
Magnetism and Low-intensity ultrasound

Individually, all of these therapies have shown beneficial effects on cell regeneration, inflammation, pain relief and immunity to disease, in cases with very different underlying pathologies. When these modalities are combined, their individual effects are multiplied and they provide a wider range of therapeutic benefits.


Main Therapeutic Actions Include:

Stimulation of cellular regeneration

Analgesic & anti-inflammatory effects

Stimulation of stem cells for regeneration, extending from muscles to organs

Enhancement of lymphatic system, assisting with detoxification

Actions are neuroprotective, as well as helping to regenerate nerves

coMra Delta: #1 Ultrasound Handheld Pain Relief Device & Massager For Chronic Pain

CoMra Delta is a cutting-edge ultrasound pain relief device that combines low-level laser therapy, magnetic field therapy, and color therapy. This device alleviates pain and inflammation and promotes healing without medication or invasive procedures. The device is portable, easy to use, and can be used at home or on the go. It’s a safe and effective alternative to traditional pain management methods. It helps relieve various conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and sports injuries. CoMra Delta is a game-changer in pain relief technology and has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life.

Used by doctors, therapists and patients around the world for treating varying conditions such as injuries, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia and many others. The coMra Delta comes as a handheld device, together with up to three dedicated Terminals that are easily interchangeable.

If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for a safe and effective way to manage your symptoms, CoMra Delta may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Each Terminal has a different function, allowing a wide variety of conditions to be treated.

There are over 200 conditions listed in the free downloadable coMra user guide.

The coMra Delta series is available in two complementary versions of infrared laser; 905nm “Strong” and 980nm “Soft”. The 905 is a more expensive version that introduces a specialised approach for qualified professionals to treat specific conditions. As the 905nm laser is less absorbed in water it allows more energy to pass into deeper tissues, resulting in more effective treatment under certain conditions. The 980nm laser provides gentle overall support and focuses on gradually building up the body’s own resources and immune and regenerative abilities.


comra delta go

980 Delta Go

The Delta GO
Used for treating such varying conditions as injuries, arthritis, and most chronic conditions. The Delta GO comes in a handy carry case which can hold up to two additional terminals from the selection below.
980 Delta Multi Set

980 Delta Multi Set

The Delta Handset and 3 terminals:

  • Medical Terminal
  • Aesthetic Terminal with enhanced Ultrasound
  • Probe Terminal with Normal and Extended Sheaths


medical terminal

Medical Terminal

Infrared Laser, Colour Lights, Ultrasound, Magnets
The Medical Terminal is used for pain relief, injuries, tissue regeneration. This terminal is also used for treating chronic illness, preventive medicine, strengthening the immune system, as well as for general well-being treatments. This is the terminal that comes with the Delta GO Set.
aesthetic terminal

Aesthetic Terminal

Infrared Laser, Colour Lights, Ultrasound, Magnets
The Aesthetic Terminal, with enhanced ultrasound is ideal for beauty and skin rejuvenation treatments, for skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, blemishes, softening the skin, rejuvenating the skin, making the skin firmer and more supple, as well as stimulating the production of collagen. Used in conjunction with the Medical terminal, the Aesthetic terminal can also be used for stimulating the repair of torn muscles and tendons, as well as broken bones. It has a Rejuvenating effect.
probe terminal

Probe Terminal

Infrared Laser, LED Lights, Magnets
The Probe Terminal, with laser light transmitting from the point, is invaluable for treating a wide variety of internal conditions. With the Extended (pointed) Sheath, it is used for treating ear, nose and throat conditions, such as sinusitis, earache, tonsillitis, gingivitis. With the Normal (rounded) Sheath, it is used to treat anal (e.g. hemorrhoids and prostate) conditions, as well as gynaecological conditions, (e.g. period pains, disturbances of menstrual cycle, ovary cysts). The Probe Terminal is also invaluable for acupuncturists, who wish to stimulate specific acupuncture points.
probe sheaths

Probe Sheaths

Additional sheaths for the Delta Probe.
The unit comes with 2 sheaths that are designed to fit over the terminal – a Normal and an Extended sheath. Additional sheaths can be ordered as required.
comra headache

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Google Reviews

I’ve been using the 905 Delta extensively for over the last few years. One word to describe it – INCREDIBLE! I’ve used it myself for overall health (using it systemically), for tight or pulled muscles, sinusitis, and on others for injuries and even fighting chronic diseases like diabetes. The results are uncanny. Thanks so much to the Radiant Life Technologies Team for putting together such amazing product line and course. We continue to be grateful for all that you’ve done.

Nick DiMatteo

“I was first introduced to the CoMra Delta 980 unit several years ago at an International Light Association meeting. Periodically, for many years I would experience recurring bouts of pain in my right kidney and I was experiencing greater than moderate pain. I spotted the Radiant Life Technology booth and asked Garrett Murrin if their product could provide some relief. Ten minutes later my pain was significantly diminished and completely resolved by the next morning. I repeated the treatments for the next three days. The pain has yet to return and I am thankful for that.”

Ronald Weingart

“The delta is one of the best devices I could have bought for my practice. The majority of my patients are athletes and the results are fascinating. It has saved many of them from having surgery and the recovery from an injury of any kind has been remarkable. My patients with arthritis have no more pain or aches and can do things they never thought they would be able to do again. Animals who have broken bones, UTI’s, ear infections or difficulty moving around are healed and rejuvenated in a matter of days. I have used it on a vineyard where the grapes were not producing and with a couple of laser treatments it flourished. The delta is a remarkable product and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Janeen Coco

“Comra brings health and healing into your home and your control. Our extended family have benefited through treatments of injury, asthma, viruses, headaches and many other life ailments. Thank you to the developers of this ingenious device and healing system!”

Colette Miller
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